Good Shepherd

Dear Family,

This weekend Jesus tells us that He is the Good Shepherd. What does a Good Shepherd do? As a good shepherd He takes care of the sheep of His flock. WE ARE HIS SHEEP. So, one must ask, how does He take care of the sheep?

Jesus instituted the Holy Eucharist, to feed His sheep, to give them nourishment for the journey that we are to take to be with Him through all eternity.

Jesus knows that we are human and therefore we need forgiveness of all our faults. So, Jesus instituted reconciliation for all so that we could always be in a state of grace, to receive His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity always.

Jesus also instituted the other sacraments so that we can always be in right relationship with Him and given many graces as we continue our journey here on earth to eventually walk in the presence of Him in eternity. So let us always remember these gifts, the sacraments, and utilize them to the best of our ability to stay as close to God as possible.

Deacon Joe

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