Laura Heyer: Some thoughts about her faith and her 11-year journey home to the Catholic Church

Once you understand the Eucharist, you can never leave the Church, not because the Church won’t let you, but because your heart won’t let you.” The image attached to this story is one I’ve seen many times recently and includes a quote that summarizes what brought me into the Church in 1985 and the Treasure that…


Jesus is the true vine

Dear Family, Last week we were reading about Jesus the Good Shepherd. A Good Shepherd takes care of his sheep. WE ARE HIS SHEEP. Now this week we will be reading about how Jesus is the true vine, another analogy of how God takes care of each one of us. God is the grower of…


Good Shepherd

Dear Family, This weekend Jesus tells us that He is the Good Shepherd. What does a Good Shepherd do? As a good shepherd He takes care of the sheep of His flock. WE ARE HIS SHEEP. So, one must ask, how does He take care of the sheep? Jesus instituted the Holy Eucharist, to feed…


Road to Emmaus

Dear Family, This weekend we listen to the account of the Road to Emmaus.  Remember that at this point, Jesus has risen from the dead. Not many have been made aware of this fact yet, but He has risen! You should remember that after the crucifixion all of Jesus’ apostles had scattered. Now here we…


First Communion on Divine Mercy Sunday

Congratulations to our 5 First Communicants and their families.


In Memoriam: Michael Joseph Dennis

Michael Joseph Dennis January 20, 1947 — February 11, 2024 Grandview, Missouri Deacon Michael Joseph Dennis of Leawood, Kansas and formerly of Grandview, Missouri was called to his heavenly home on February 11th, 2024. He was 77 years old and passed peacefully with family present. He was preceded in death by his parents Robert and…


Merry Christmas!

I encourage you during this Christmas Season, in a quiet moment, after the kids are in bed, after the last relatives leave, after you’ve drained your last eggnog, to sit down for a moment in an at least somewhat secluded place, close your eyes, and go to Bethlehem. Smell the hay and the cool, crisp…