Road to Emmaus

Dear Family,

This weekend we listen to the account of the Road to Emmaus.  Remember that at this point, Jesus has risen from the dead. Not many have been made aware of this fact yet, but He has risen! You should remember that after the crucifixion all of Jesus’ apostles had scattered. Now here we are, some of them are on the road, discussing the events, and still afraid of what might happen to them.

Have you ever thought about what it might be like if you were one of these men, and Jesus appeared to you, walked with you, and opened the scriptures to you for your understanding of the events that had happened? As your heart is burning with the knowledge of the truth, would you recognize that it is Jesus walking with you? Would your Faith let this happen for you? Or would it be as it was in those days that it took the breaking of the bread to let their eyes be open.

We should always recognize that Jesus is present to us in the Eucharist in the tabernacle. So, as we go forth this day and all days, keep in mind that Jesus is always with us, if we but have Faith that this is the Truth. Let us remember Christ Has Risen, Alleluia! Bring that joy to all we encounter.

God Bless all!   
Deacon Joe

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