Jesus is the true vine

Dear Family,

Last week we were reading about Jesus the Good Shepherd. A Good Shepherd takes care of his sheep. WE ARE HIS SHEEP. Now this week we will be reading about how Jesus is the true vine, another analogy of how God takes care of each one of us. God is the grower of the vines, or as we better know He is our Creator. God needs to continually prune us as a grower would prune the vines to produce the best fruit for us to share His fruits with others. The fruit that God produces from us is our Faith in Him, our Creator. Then we go forth and feed the poor in spirit who need this faith. As God’s people, we may dread being pruned; no one wants to experience pain! But our pruning takes place in the context of remaining nourished and cared for by the vine itself and the vine grower. The nourishment that God gives to all, to produce the fruit of Faith, is His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Himself at the Mass. This is the food for the journey for all to eternal life with God.   

Deacon Joe

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