Fellowship of the Hidden St. Joseph


Coronation of Our Lady Parish
13000 Bennington Ave.
Grandview, MO 64030

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Russ Hobbs

The Fellowship of the Hidden Saint Joseph exists to help Catholic laymen be holy.  Holiness, in turn, provides fuel for serving Christ in the home, parish, and community.  Towards this end, the Fellowship consists of four pillars.

1. Spiritual Reading
Fellows are committed to the Scriptures, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Saint Joseph, and classical Catholic spirituality.  Through regular, meditative reading over a period of years, the Fellows encounter, with open hearts, these key aspects of the apostolic Catholic Faith.

2. Prayer
Fellows are committed to a daily hour of devotional time.  This hour consists of prayer, prayerful reading, adoration, etc.  It can be spent alone or with others (including family), and should include fifteen minutes of mental prayer.

3. Fellowship
Fellows commit to encouraging each other through regular meetings.  They meet every other week for an hour of prayers and accountability; quarterly for half-day retreats; and once a year for a two day retreat.

4. Church Life
Fellows commit to participating in the liturgical calendar and Sacraments.  Concretely, this includes an additional Mass twice a month and twice-monthly confession.


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